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Sold Nationally and Given Locally our "Beautiful Weddings & Events ~ California" planning books --are used to create a lifetime of business meetings, social gatherings, special events, memorable weddings, wine tours, children's parties, tourism, golf and sports, romantic getaways, business trips or honeymoons. Twenty different successful event planning solutions are in this lovely California resource book.

Easy-to-Use California wedding & event planning WEB PORTALS that cover the California county's locations & professional resources are found in the top ten listings of major web search engines with key search terms and a wide spectrum of affiliate and search engine links.

Effective cross marketing of YOUR TARGET MARKETS. Identifying and expanding your MARKETS with our unique twelve-link method -- are found in one or both of our two California web portals:

www.Beautiful-Events.com -- corporate, social & special planning web portal

www.WeddingLinks.com -- wedding, pre-wedding and honeymoon planning

Other exciting web resources which lead to our portals: www.BridalShowInfo.com, www.ResortsandGolfCourses.com, www.A-Vineyard.com, www.A-Honeymoon.com & more

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J.R. Hosts NETWORKING PARTIES for you to meet fellow professionals in three regions of the state: Northern, Central and Southern California. Networking is a key ingredient to good marketing -- building relationships and referrals occur.

BOOTHS AT 30 TRADE SHOWS for business and bridal throughout the state, while collecting LEADS (for your use) and promoting our web portals in a variety of California areas.

  • A half-hour Marketing Consultation with Julia Miles by phone.
  • Thousands of Post Cards to those planning wedding & events and book buyers nationally.
  • LEADS to you by e-mail weekly or by mail - monthly, from trade shows and our contest area.
  • "Fingertip Solutions To Wedding & Event Planning Problems" a weekly e-newsletter to bridal and our social/business planner leads ANNOUNCES YOU as our NEWEST ADVERTISER.
  • "Marketing 101 Newsletter" for our advertisers -- affirming tried/true and new marketing skills.
  • CONTACT MEMBERSHIPS in Meeting Planners International, National Association of Female Executives, Association of Wedding Professionals. We often do their events and trade shows.
  • STRONG DISTRIBUTION of our books cross promotes the web portals.
  • Designed leads lists, labels and mailing programs available -- specific to area/category/etc.
  • Web portals rotating your name to the TOP of the links periodically -- for fairness in marketing.

Because our books and web portals offer Fingertip Solutions to accomplish successful...


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BOOK DETAILS AND OUTLINE click here for book Table of Contents

Our 2005 release is a "Beautiful Book" focused on CALIFORNIA as a state, there will be no graphic advertisements. The book will feature full page 7"x .7" PHOTOS depicting areas, categories, locations are welcome. The contact information will be placed at the base of the full-page photo. All LISTINGS will be opposite the category in Northern, Central and Southern California City order. [ All photos must have client name/address/ and photographers name on back -- we give photographer name credit in our books].

  • Bi-Yearly Book -- covering resources for all of California, 7.5 x 7.5" size, printed spine, soft bound, released January 2005, 2007, 2009 etc. Web LINKS are immediate and continuous
  • The book closes AUGUST 2004 "Beautiful Weddings & Events ~ California"
  • No inside or backside covers are sold. This is a book, not a magazine.
  • We offer a photo competition for the covers and inside photos from our advertised photographers.
  • Advertisers receive 5 or more copies of the books.
  • A 50% deposit of deposit fee is due upon contracting--unless otherwise noted
  • Listings are signed off and art photo pages when we create the art for $400. You may create your art to our specs.

PRICING -- We accept Visa, Mastercard and Checks

California VISIBILITY package --BOOK & WEB incl. 12 links.

  • LISTINGS & 12 LINKS - two year commitment = $960. Client receives immediate 12 links plus a free listing in the "California" book (left page), opposite the category photo.

California FEATURED VENDOR package -- BOOK & WEB - full page incl. 12 web links

  • FEATURED LOCATIONS OR PROFESSIONALS -- Black & White Photo Page-- $2,480, 7"x7" photo page .
  • FEATURED LOCATIONS OR PROFESSIONALS -- Color photo page --$3,980, 7"x7" photo page.

California FEATURED CORPORATE pagckage

  • CORPORATE LOCATIONS OR PROFESSIONALS -- Black & White Photo Page -- $2,960, 7" x 7" photo page + 58 LINKS.
  • CORPORATE LOCATIONS OR PROFESSIONALS -- Color photo page -- $$4,460, 7" x 7" photo page + 58 LINKS. BOOK PRINT ONLY - $480 Listing only -- includes printed business info and web address in category area.
  • BOOK PRINT ONLY - $2,000 Full Page -- includes printed business info and web address at base of photo.
  • PRINT ONLY - $3,500 Full Page -- Includes printed business info and web address at base of photo.

California WEB packages:

  • WEB ONLY - one year, #1. 12 Web Links + Leads = $480
  • WEB ONLY - one year, #2 12 Web Links -NO Leads = $420
  • WEB ONLY - one year #3 12 LISTING positions - NO LINK one year = $240
  • WEB BANNER POSITIONS - six month minimum placement -- Home Page $300 per month.
  • WEB BANNER POSITIONS - six month minimum placement -- Category by County $100 per month

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Expanding the event planning use of our Beautiful Weddings & Events books and web portals to feature these markets, plus an exciting "Marketing Support Program" provides our advertisers with lower costs and higher visibility into many possible markets. Our books are not tossed after a wedding or special occasion, but, are kept and used for years because of their beauty and content. They also promote our web portals, which experience a 45% return from users who stay in our web portals an average of 12 minutes. Recent statistics prove 85% to 95% of the initial contact calls, with these respective businesses, are coming from the web. Wouldn't it help your business visibility immediately to be at the top of the web search engine listings?

We own many additional web sites that bring us traffic & provide services.

www.A-Vineyard.com -- Location finding and recommendation services
www.A-Honeymoon.com -- Romantic trip contest that collects LEADS for our clients
www.ResortsandGolfCourses.com -- Over 1,000 California golf courses are part of our resources.
www.BridalShowInfo.com -- California bridal showcase info and links

Our membership collectively OWNS top web visibility to bring business with...
Key Search Terms
Daily it becomes more and more difficult and expensive to be VISIBLE at the top on web search engines. It is VITAL to a business to be in the TOP ten on the listings in any category.. Along with our massive search engine and affiliate links, we presently pay to appear within the Top Three of Yahoo.com & Overture & Their Web Partner Search Engines.

We selected them to KEY to the first decision for any event -- LOCATION.

  • Wedding Sites Los Angeles -- Los Angeles Wedding Sites
  • Wedding Sites San Jose -- San Jose Wedding Sites
  • Wedding Sites Sacramento -- Sacramento Wedding Sites
  • Sonoma Valley Weddings -- Sonoma Valley Weddings
  • Napa Valley Weddings -- Napa Valley Weddings

Our membership collectively owns key search terms that go directly to our web portal's home pages -- on Microsoft, Explorer, SBC yellow pages and PayPal.com.search bars. When someone types in our key-search-terms in their browser bars they go directly to our portal:

  • California Golf Courses -- Goes to our Welcome and Directions Page
  • California Wine Tour -- Goes to our Welcome and Directions Page
  • Bay Area Weddings -- Directed to WeddingLinks.com
  • Wine Country Wedding -- Directed to A-Vineyard.com
  • Los Angeles Wedding Locations - Directed to WeddingLinks.com
  • Wedding Planning Books -- Directed to our book page -- this directs to both portals

We purchased many wedding oriented key search terms first and will continue to invest to broaden this MARKETING TOOL with other events areas and cities. We have six GOOGLE sponsor boxes, posted at strategic times of the year. These cover most major cities as people search for Music, Photographers, Locations, etc.


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J.R. Publications, Inc. MARKETS to attract these markets to our WEB PORTALS & BOOKS



  • THIRTY trade shows yearly -- BUSINESS & BRIDAL
  • Printed advertisements in various magazines including area symphony magazines
  • Cross Linking and Affiliate's Promotion on the Web
  • Educational classes provided with books & web for event planners and chefs
  • Public Speaking and networking to above members and organizations by JR
  • Article writing for other web sites and magazines
  • Re-marketing our LEADS with "Fingertip Solutions Newsletter"
  • Mailed post cards containing book and web information
  • Press releases to the media and association memberships above
  • Books are offered at MPI, NAFE and AfWPI gatherings
  • Bookstores nationally and on Amazon.com
  • Opt-in e-mail lists announce the books as well as affiliate news groups.
  • Distribution to bridal shops, vintners, jewelers, major dept. store gift registries.
  • Julia talks about the books, web and California on Talk Radio Shows

J.R. Publications, Inc. continually receives comments, notes and e-messages from many of our clients. Some have been with us up to twelve years in print and nine years on the web. We see an overall pattern to their statements in regards to how it works for them...

It knocks all publishing barriers and pushes the envelope on marketing techniques... The book and web combination bring so many inquiries and bookings..... It works to make my phone ring...It is an intelligent way to spend my marketing dollars....This is a beautiful book -- I'm proud to put my name in it.. The newsletters push me to look at my business goals.

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Testimonials & Thank Yous from users of our products and our advertised clients!!

  • I would like to recommend J.R. Publications, Inc. to any event professional who is looking for a fantastic way to market to a high-end clientele. We have been advertising with J.R. Publications, Inc. for six years straight. The books, along with the web portals keep improving to be able to offer consumers the best information and a top notch book for vendors to advertise. J.R. Publications will be our only print advertisement for our company. The Beautiful Weddings & Events books are a treasured item that gets passed from one event planner to another and we can testify to this. We have a client who heard about us from the 98 book that was given to her by her friend who used it several years ago. In conjunction with the beautiful books, we receive a consistent number of quality leads from the www.weddinglinks.com site. As a full-time national company, we look to align ourselves with businesses with the same integrity, honesty and business philosophy. J.R. Publications, and all the representatives have exceeded those expectations. If you have any questions concerning either the web sites or books, don't hesitate to contact us. AMS Entertainment, Joe Hernandez, DJ 707.823.7359.
  • I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the response to my advertisements. Although I have done photography for the last 7 years, I decided to persue it more aggressively. Your book is the only advertisement I have done and it is only February with two weddings booked from your book and three up-coming consultations, plus a meeting with a wedding consultant. I found your ad rates reasonably priced and the leads list extremely helpful. Sincerely, Teri Porter Photography. P.S. I love the networking gatherings you have begun!
  • Julia. Just a note to thank you for your continuing publication...it has done my business a tremendous service. I make a habit of asking each new client where they got my name and so often it is through your book. When we moved here from Washington State five years ago, I essentially had to rebuild my entire business from scratch. This year I'm on track to photograph 50 weddings!! A lot of credit goes to you. Thanks & keep up the good work. Bruce Poland of Accent Photography, Santa Rosa
  • Dear Julia, Thank you for organizing and being part of this exciting series of wine tours prior to our ocean cruise venues in 2004. I look forward to a prosperous business relationship with you. Warmest Regards, Beverly Curtis, CruiseandResortWear.com San Diego, California
  • Dear Julia ~ Your time spent with us was invaluable. Your suggestions and recommendations surpassed our expectations. You are a treasure. A treasure to work with, someone full of love and positive expectancy. We will send you photos once we organize our portfolio. We could not have done this (pulled this off) without you. You truly are a professional and sincere one at that. We thank you from the bottom of our grateful hearts. Love Patty and Jeff Norton, Florida
  • Dear Julia -- Just a note to thank you for the copy of your wonderful book on the wine country. Its so informative. Terry Musso bought 75 to our San Francisco conference of wedding planners -- as a gift!! I would appreciate information on advertising in your next edition. Thank You, Jeanne, Sacramento

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J.R. Publications, Inc. A Print & Internet Publishing Company

Beautiful Weddings & Events Books
1014 Hopper Ave. PMB 456. Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Office: 800.267.3942, Fax: 707.546.1735


CEO & sales - So.California Julia R. Miles
707.572.3671, 800.267.3942
Office & sales - North Bay Nancy Aaron
707.546.1735, 800.267.3942
Office & sales - San Diego Melissa
Office & sales - Santa Clara Patti
Sales - Sacramento Carlos
916.265.4166, 916.410.7123

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About Us...
Our twelve years in print and ten years on the internet provides support and visibility to the wedding, events, spa, wine, golf, hospitality, tourism, golf, travel, gift shopping and party planning industries.

J.R. Publications, Inc. is created and designed by Julia Rihn. The books began as a wedding publication, the www.WeddingLinks.com was one of the first wedding web sites up in the world. As the environment saw huge loss of paper products, the book design changed to encompass ALL styles of events, so the books would not be a toss publication. This aligned itself with the various industry needs -- to cross market -- creating a WIN WIN situation with our www.Beautiful-Events.com [corporate and special events web portal].

Our GOALS stand to

  • Promote California Locations & Professionals and provide marketing support to their business
  • Bring support and visibility to their businesses with our books and web portals
  • Provide our web portal users with experienced, dedicated, creative event planning resources
  • Be a resource to those planning business or special event, social parties or celebrations for all ages and successful weddings, receptions and travel with our fingertip solutions to event planning problems.
  • Be enjoyed as a growing resource for a LIFETIME of growing resources for California
    Provide an easy-to-use event planning guidance book for creating successful events.

Our SALES EMPHASIS provides visibility in

  • Bi-Yearly Wedding & Event Planning book WITH listings or full page photo art for advertisers
  • Immediate web portal linking and J.R. Publications, Inc. continued Market Support Programs

We PREFER to promote businesses that are

  • In business for three or more years
  • Licensed in the city where based
  • Work from health department licensed kitchens, when handling foods

NEW WEB areas added recently

  • Forty major department store banners are in the Speciality Services Area of each county menu.
  • A new www.ResortsandGolfCourses.com brings the golfer to the Special Services Area for a county list of golf courses and lovely resorts available throughout the state.
  • Sign-ups for our contest also will bring you a weekly newsletter called "Fingertip Solutions" fresh trends too.

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Julia Rihn, 707.572.3671 -- CEO and author of the Beautiful Weddings & Events books and web portal concept, designs, markets, publishes and keys the distribution of books, while promoting on talk radio shows and with articles and press. Appearing at over 30 trade shows a year, she often speaks and host educational seminars plus teaches through the San Francisco Bay Area California State University systems about wedding planning.

C. Ron Miles, 707.572.3671 - main office - Bob is our editor, involved with local distribution and shipping of our books. He assists with trade shows, bookkeeping and research. We are very thankful for his versatility.

Nancy Aaron, 707.546.1735 -- Office Extension, provides sales, leads management, contact for J.R. Publications, Inc. with her nine year business. All of her business support is offered to your businesses as an independent contractor.

Todd Towner, 707.575.4304 -- T & H Graphics, complete the art and graphic layouts of our beautiful books. His fifteen year business as a designer has won many awards and he specializes in logo designs.

Brian Kreck, Kreck Design Solutions - Web Design Solutions, 707.544.6166, . This is an amazing, affordable web page and site design company with fresh innovative ideas. They seek to achieve the client's goals and provide a full range of web services.

Ron Malani, R & M Designs, 707.575.3341. Our data base driven web portals were created by Bob. His designs provide support to major portals found on the web. They have given the ability to expand our business with data base driven designs and server support.

Special Thanks to Bill Towner of Liam Graphics, who created many of the interior designs to our web portals. The maps, menus and many art designs are part of his contribution.

Special Thanks to Ray Balter Photography. His original web site design of weddinglinks.com provided the beginning of our J.R. Publications, Inc.'s journey into the web world. His vision brought forth one of the first wedding web sites in the world.

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"Beautiful Weddings & Events ~ California" Table of Contents

Finding the Perfect Event Locations ~ All styles and budgets throughout California's exciting cities, Sierras, Deserts, Inland Plains, Redwoods Wine Country and Pacific Coast. The articles help you determine your needs, understand the details, and ask important questions

Interview & Hiring The Event Professional or Services ~ Every type of event professional service is invited to participate in their category. The articles teach how to begin, the timelines, what questions to ask each vendor, budgets and web resources for finding out more.

Guidance Chapters for those planning 20 different events: Corporate, Social & Bridal, Special Events and Incentive or Romantic Travel, Tourism, Golf & Wine Country Travel. Timelines and event building processes with professional resources.

Management of Events: Budgets, Contracts, Permits, Insurance, Speakers, Tournaments, etc.

Wine Country Escapes: Wine Tasting Rooms, Wine & Food Pairing Chart and Romantic Escapes

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