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Lifetime Event Planning Books for Weddings, Corporate, Life Celebrations for the Northern California Wine Country. Sonoma, Napa, Marin-Mendocino-Pacific Coast loacations are abundant in these books.
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Crane Invitations
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This excellent resource offers wording for invitations. They answer most etiquette questions surrounding the specific addressing.
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by Julia Rihn, author of Beautiful Events Books
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Understanding what flowers look like, smell and how they hold up (wilt) after being picked is important when choosing for events or weddings. Many people suffer from rose, flower and dried flower reactions. Most people understand this reaction and are prepared for it with proper medication. Should a guest not be prepared, encourage the removal of the particular blossom or the entire centerpiece for their comfort.

Understand the following about flowers:

Flower white is usually off-white. Pure white will have to come from silks. This is true of blacks also.

Choosing flowers which bloom in-season will often cut your costs by a third or more.

Flowers come from all over the world and are flown in for freshness. Unique flowers and out of season flowers are grown and flown into our markets so we may have tulips in August, etc.

Expanded use of greenery and a minimal use of flowers will expand your floral budget.

Herbs are used for garlands and decor. The Rennisance and Victorian era was very big on herbs, garlands, bowers and hair or as boutineeres. These are extra ordinary at food tables, bowers, bouquets and on the head tables.

Water and refrigeration until the last moments... is a key factor in freshness and re-cutting the stem prior to decorating with them.

If you plan to do your flowers yourself -- understand these are items to be purchased ahead and stored in major sized refrigeration until a last 4-16 hour decoration time and placement. You must have a team of helpers who know what they ar doing, holders/vases, and a pattern or design for them to follow.

DISPLAY OR FOOD TABLES: Combining specific flowers and greenry is vogue along with flowerettes made from vegetables, herbs, leaves, grasses and magnificent edible blossoms. Plates or trays served to your guests should have a balance of food and "presentation or beauty" to encourage the enjoyment. Anyone can eat out of a deli box....but this is a celebration!

CORSAGES: Because of flower allergies it is best to ask the person who will wear the corsage or select a non-fragrant blossom. Selecting thoses blossoms which hold up well to hugs and heat are best.

COMBINING DRIED AND FRESH FLOWERS: We see everything including berries, dried grasses and unique vines and branches being combined for drama with large vases of flowers.

BANQUET TABLES: Centerpieces should be low so persons may speak across them or at least on stands 18-20 inches above the table. Flowers on very large tables -- where it is impossible for people to carry on a conversation across the table is still important for guests to see one another. It is important to not use a pungent flower or scented candles which could interfere with the enjoyment of the food and wine.

AISLE OR ENTRY FLOWERS: Must hold up and be aromatic, but not pungent. The movement down the aisles or entry places the aroma into the air and adds to the romance and excitement or theme. In outdoor events -- flowers must hold up well in wind or heat.

CANDLES & FLOWERS: We love the combination, but flowers wilt quickly with the heat of a candle to close. Caution should always be taken by using dripless candles or votives and understanding breezes will cause wax to fly. The flame can be un-predictable catching table cloths and dry decor aflame.

by Julia Rihn, author of Beautiful Events Books
Santa Rosa, , CA  95403
Toll Free: 800-267-3942
Historically species of flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetables, grasses and trees have come from various regions of the world to be placed in display gardens and orchards to be enjoyed by kings and queens. ie; tulips from Holland, roses and peonies from China. During the Victorian era (late 1800s and early 1900s) development of the "newly wealthy," in our societies gave birth to estate gardens and dedicated commuity parks which expanded the knowledge of horticulture for the masses to enjoy the beauty and pleasures. Strolling and meeting in the parks was a common pass time during this era.

Couples courting during the Victorian era developed a secret code of "flower communication" gaving specific meanings to a variety of flower species. This has lived on for many generations and expanded into a method to convey our messages of love, sympthay, and respect.

The following is a brief list of more common flower meanings. You may enjoy placing emphasis on this in your invitation, decor, floral displays, programs and thank you notes.

Amaryllis: spelendid beauty, pride

Bachelor's Buttons: celibacy, single blessedness

Blue Violet: faithfulness, modesty

Bluebell: constancy
Camellia: perfect lovliness, excellence

Daffodil: regard

Daisy: innocence and "share your feelings"

Forget-me-Not: true love

Honeysuckle: generous affection, bonds of love

Ivy: fidelity, marriage

Jasmine: grace, elegance, joy, amiability, attachment

Jonquil: I desire a return of affection

Holly: foresight

Larkspur: levity

Lilacs: first emotions of love

Lily: gaiety

Lily of the Valley: return of happiness

Mimosa: secret love, sensitivity

Myrtle: love remembrance

Orange Blossoms: bridal festivities, fertility, purity

Periwinkle: early friendship

Peony: bashfulness

Red Chrysanthemum: "I love you"

Red Rose: "I love you"

Red Tulip: declaration of love

Rosemary: remembrance

Sweetpea: delicate pleasures, departure

Sweet William: gallantry

Water Lily: purity of heart

White Bellflower: gratitude

White Camellia: perfect loveliness

White Daisy: innocence

White Rose: "I am worthy of you"

Wood Sorrel: joy, maternal tenderness

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We are a "partying people!!" We love a great reason to get together and celebrate. Whether a traditional occasion such as a wedding and reception, anniversary, birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, or a business conference, educational seminar, festival, political profile, awards night, fund raiser, awards for jobs well done, holiday banquet, company picnic, or golf/sports tournament...we gather for specific reasons!!!

Along with the reason for gathering, budget, number of guests you will find the location for your event is THE FIRST DECISION to be made. This decision will set the style or focus of what you are planning to achieve. The location can be the overall theme of an event, or you may design the event with specific decor and set up the theme by coordinating the decorations and/or floral designs.

Each party, social or business event differs from the other, and many events include a series of different events surrounding a social, business conference or a wedding.

A WEDDING & RECEPTION may require a shower and bachelor party site, the rehearsal dinner location and the wedding ceremony and reception site....along with accommodations and honeymoon plans. If a DESTINATION WEDDING, you would include ideas for meals, tours, a selection of different experiences for the guests over a few days prior or after the wedding...and of course an intinary.

A REUNION may be a cocktail reception, formal banquet and a family picnic throughout a two day period of time.

BUSINESS CONFERENCES will include formal banquets, meetings education seminars, key-note speakers, a trade show and a golf tournament, tours or bbq.

Organizing and deciding on each of these events and who will handle, provide and lead you toward success is an important process beginning with the EVENT LOCATION(S).

Your location decisions hinge on:

(1) What the budget will allow.

(2) The vision or goals of your event and what style ambiance you choose to hold the event.

(3)How you want to express your goals through subject, theme or education.

(4)What you want people to leave with.


a) On the internet IN VARIOUS WEB SITES including ours which hold over 6,000 California Event Locations.

b) Various visitor's bureaus in the area you choose.

c) Books and magazines for event planning solutions.

d) Wedding and corporate planning trade shows.

e) Travel Magazines.

f) Yellow pages from the phone books.

g) Ask for referrals from business or friends.


What do you require from a location: number of guests, room accommodations, in-house catering, or your own caterer, specific size meeting rooms, ballroom, floor space, number of guests, specific ambiance (your vision of the business event, wedding or social function).

It is vital you check out the locations, its history, references (call them), and remember there are no requirements or investigation of business practices from visitor bureau nor chambers, phone book, nor many of the listings of business membership groups or web sites. It is your responsibility to check the background of each one's reputation.


After making certain it is available and the correct size for the function, there are several questions which will help you complete your search.

a) Is the site available for the time we are requesting and what is included in the price?

b) Is the location licensed for events and insured, or are we required to purchase extra liability insurance to use the site?

c) What is the use time for the facility and the limitations? Do you hold more than one event at a time at the location or is our event private?

d) What are my responsibilities and liabilities using your event location?

e) When holding a location with a deposit -- be aware, the location can keep the deposit if you have not responded to the them by the date required.

AMBIANCE & AMENITIES are very important to the tone/style of the event. The beauty of a garden or forest, elegant crystal chandeliers, the essence of history and charm, or developing a theme on a paddle-wheel boat or train pulls the event into focus. This is important to a wedding or a fund raiser, but corporate business often requires the "lets get the job done" atmosphere, with accommodations nearby, airport shuttles,internet access and a hotel office for quick printing of notes, plus the growing desire for virtual conferencing and a unique off-site location experience. Other times they desire a focus retreat or team building atmosphere where a "think tank and problem solving atmosphere" can exist. What ever the occasion and reason for gathering, there is a multitude of various style and budgeted event locations in each county of the U.S........expecially California!

AS YOU BEGIN TO FILTER THE INFORMATION ~ Gain information packets from each of the preliminary selected event sites. Review them or hire a coordinator to go over this with you. ~ Create individual notes on the locations or attach a site survey sheet.


Why look at a location which you know is too small or has to have outside catering -- when you want a restaurant?

~ Sift through information from the web, books or magazines.

~ Select three to five or fifteen locations and try to visit them on the web or in person....checking out the flow of the event site for your purposes. Check for parking, construction issues, room size, appearance and if it matches your budget,(no hidden charges). Clean-up, special electrical/web connections, food and staff, etc. or any unique request made should be shown in the bid.

Deposits are often returned up to a specific date. If you must cancel, do not expect your deposit back if you have gone past the date agreed to for cut-off.

All events have a series of questions regarding "risk management." Fire, liability, rain-out risks, no-show for entertainers, wedding insurance for the day of, alcohol use and each contractor/event specialist you hire shuld carry their own liability insurance for their business.

If the event is for or includes YOUTH, there will be concerns for safety, adults monitoring their activities, and checking the background of the event personnel you hire for the event.

If you decide to hold an event or party in your home or business office/corporate building please check and review your own insurance and liability policies regarding this type of use.

Location entry is a key factor is a well run event, the flow and entry of your guests into your party-reception-business meeting should consider the following:

a) Placement of signage leading the way into your party.

c) Ample room and protection at the entry for crowds and provide cover from the elements.

d) A good map to the location(s) is a great idea in any invitation.

e) A fund raiser requires maximum marketing.

Spend the time and effort prior to your event and you will enjoy the rewards of a "Sucessful Event!" All "Beautiful Events Books" include detailed information on creating all styles of social, business events and weddings. Enjoy.
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Team Work -- Cooperation--Communication
by Julia Rihn, author of Beautiful Events Books
J.R. Publications, Inc.
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YEA! YEA! YEA! or YEAH! Yeah! yeah!.........
Companies are exploding with growth in our modern commerce world. Barely prepared to meet their quota on delivery of their product and gain employees, they struggle to achieve a balance within the infra-structure of their workforce and management -- thus losing employees at a very fast rate and wondering why??? This costly loss erodes the company and is very expensive in keeping intelligent, trained and happy people on the job.

Many people complain that when interviewed they were given the company policy believing themselves to be hired under the auspices of "teamwork, commitment, communication and a success goal-oriented structure." Yet -- once on the job found non-cooperation, no room or value for ideas or change, one department did not know what the other did, and a non-communication between management and personnel. They learned quickly they were hired under buzz terms. As a perspective employee during an interview one has the right to ask how the entitled terms are implemented. How does this company walk the talk of communication, team work, and cooperation toward success? The following information may be of value to both management and those seeking employment.


Who is an important part of the team. Everyone! That is a Real Team! Everyone's participation is important. A favorite story of mine is about a little boy of ten, riding with his parents on the freeway. Traffic comes to a grinding halt, and the little boy is very curious about what has happened ahead. A highway patrolman rides up the divider and the little boy yells, "What's happening up there?" The patrolman states, "They have a semi-truck stuck under the overpass, and they cannot move it." The little guy stretches out the window to see for himself.....and then turns to the patrolman and says, "Why don't they just let the air out of the tires???" The patrolman got on the radio--relayed the little boys idea and traffic was moving in a short time. Everyone's Perspective and Ideas Count!


Hire or promote within -- managers who express communication and networking ideals.

Provide systems of monthly or quarterly management focused problem solving.

Provide monthly or weekly customer relation and service management meetings -- asking employees for advice in solving these problems also.

Seek employees who have a background in inter-action and team work.

Set inter-business communication standards from the top throughout the work system.

Set work schedules to not "overwork and exhaust management and employees" - burn out.

Give support to new personnel in learning their new job and getting to know people by...

a) providing up-to-date procedure and employee manuals.

b) bring your management team together often for problem solving and team building.

c) bring the entire work force into providing ideas and solutions with a rewards system.

d) providing opportunities for friendly competition and/or common cause endeavors.

Strong Systems for achieving support and loyality from personnel will involve the following with "personal contact." CEO, Human Resources Training, Management, Assistant Mgt, Fellow Employees, Social Inter-action, and Outreach. Many of the ideas outlined do not involve a cost to the company, but provide long term rewards to both company and personnel.


How many useful ideas have made it to the assistant manager and stopped there? Companies have for years sought the perspective and intelligence of their employees to further their companies by providing an idea reward system which is submitted beyond the immediate manager.

Companies can:

a) Review these ideas monthly, announce the bonus winners and place information in individuals' work files.

b) Give bonuses to employees who provide ten ideas at the end of their third month on the job -- to strengthen this habit of improving the work or product. The idea forms can state "No idea is too small for the overall big picture of this company." Ideas may take years or moments to implement and may save thousands of dollars and precious hours of time -- but the impact it has on employees when their ideas count -- measures in loyalty.

c) Continue to announce what financial impact this idea created for the company.


Creating a business operations video which outlines the goals and products of the company, giving a perspective on quota, products, owners, various programs, perks and opportunities will inform and enhance the company's desire to communicate. Companies providing a decent procedure manual for the business and the individual's job allows for the opportunity to look up nformation. This can outline the management chain and resolve many concerns.

Assigning a member of the management team to a new employee may be temporary, but a wise investment. The management can make themselves available, providing an overall picture of the company and answer questions, go over the business manual and fill in the info about insurance, vacations, policy.....but it does not have to stop here. Setting appointments with:

The Owner (CEO), for discussion of the company goals will give validity to the employee's importance to the overall picture. (One new employee group session a week or a month for the busy CEO would suffice.

The Department Managers who explain what their part of the project involves in a round table lunch and how each department depends on one another.


While the break area and lunch room or a Christmas party offer an opportunity to meet people, a continous communication to employees can be an on-line company newsletter or bulletin board which will let them know what is going on, share in the writing, annouce up-coming events and connect to the company. Companies can offer a multitude of communication opportunities when:

a) Employees are given opportunities to attend specific management meetings.

b) Team building events are held within the department by contracting team building companies who bring in speciality group leaders to place the employees through a fun exercise in working together.

c) Management structure encourages problem focus retreats or round table discussions to discuss new ideas and focus on solving problems together.

d) Creative Social Interaction is created with biking groups, soft ball teams, bowling, golf tournaments and have playoffs between the departments bringing moderate competition and fun.

e) Companies co-sponsor a non-profit and fund raising event. This brings people together over a common cause and community outreach. Employee votes can determine the outreach to support yearly.


How you communicate is often just as important as whether you communicate at all giving a direct reflection on the tone and attitude of your work force. How are they being distanced from feeling human, valued and needed within the work system? Directives, Memos, Voice Mail, Newsletters, E-mail are all formulas, but eye-to-eye conversations, lunch problem solving or thanking the employee in person, telephone conversations and conference calls are more personal and effective. Why e-mail someone who is across the room from you? Walk over and speak with them. IN CONCLUSION

No matter how high the salary and perks, most employees want to do a good job, use their intelligence, feel valued, thanked and rewarded. Meet those needs in the work place and you will have a high energy work force behind your business. Many large companies have created nursery schools, stock options, (etc) for the employees -- yet forgotten the social interaction important to some. Not all enjoy inter-acting. They have enough of that in their own lives and that is why it is important to include hours within the system and outside the work environment for them to choose from. Not all companies have human resource departments and many rely upon the administrative aids to create the events and social structure of the company. May I suggest each department can take on the responsibility of creating a project for the company. This brings about team work within the departments and pride for a project well done.

THE BEST MANAGEMENT/EMPLOYEE INTERACTION IS not expensive, nor time consuming. It is A SINCERE THANK YOU...for a job well done, or at least attempted with earnest effort!!
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