Association For Wedding Professionals International
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CDI Telecom (Discount Phone Service)
Toll, Long Distance, InterNational, 3-Way
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Phone: 707.568.6658
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Discount Shopping Mall
140 stores throughout the USA, UK, Canada
By entering through your Assigned GateWay Number each time, you will recieve discounts and save on your purchases and gain rebates on specific items from "high profile stores". Join for FREE and return continually for months or years... by entering through the Assigned GateWay number.

#1. You are under no obligation to purchase specific amounts. #2. You may shop through your gateway number for years to come. #3. Items requre a shipping fee, but many items are shipped for free. #4. There are offers of specials and rebates. There are great discount advantages. #5. No discounts are recieved if you go through the individual store portals...only through the number we assign you. The discounts are because of the cooperative purchase power we offer.

Disney Store, Best Buy, Wallmart, JCrew, BassPro, Linen Source, KBkids, Victors, Bath & Body, Eddie Bauer, Nutrisystem, Pets Smart, SunGlasses2000, dEliaAs, Sharper Image....and over 140 name brand ones being added daily. Just click into our URL below to gain your number to shop -- for years to come. Enjoy!
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Lanier Publishing
Travel Guide S
70,000 b&b, inns and delux hotels throughout the U.S.
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Travel Advisory Areas
click on Travel Center & Top ten travel links.
Amazing Help For Travelers: Travlang Foreign Languages, the Weather Channel, Sagat Survey (consumer survey on dining and lodging, CDC Home Travel Info (governmental agencies), Gorp Travel for adventure packages, Univ. Texas Map Collection, Travel Articles by Phillip Greenspun, MapQuest, NBC New OnLine weather, Universal Currency Converter.
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